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'Remember the Girl in Green?'

My Artwork is a paste-up of a face that is split in half, the left side representing nature (or mother nature if you will) and the right side is a robotic figure.

The subject in matter is that our future will have increased technological advances, and offers so much, but this also affects our views on the natural beauty of our world. If you were in a room divided in half, the first half with beautiful blooming spring flowers, waterfalls, and majestic animals. The second half with all the latest iPhones with a million cameras, and Wi-Fi, all the newest technological advances. Which room would you pick? I decided to call my Artwork “Remember the girl in green?” because with more and more technological advances we tend to spend more of our time consuming those products instead of taking care of our environment and admiring the natural beauty around us. The elements most clear in my artwork are that you can recognise that the left side represents nature and that the right side represents robots and technology. 

This artwork is drawn onto tissue and then coloured in with posca pens and markers, it will then be pasted up onto a wall. I was inspired by paste ups that I saw while researching for ideas on the internet, most of them had obvious meaning and I was intrigued by how this process works. My goals as an artist were to convey my message to my audience clearly so that it's understandable and easy to connect with.

I think this piece helped me to reach these goals because any way you interpret it to be is similar to my intentions. I learnt to be very careful during the process of transferring my original sketch onto the tissue, during my several trials I ripped the page and ended ruining the drawing. I also learned what a paste up is and how they work, I was new to this street art technique so I’m proud of my final piece.

The final piece is roughly what I imagined because I added a bit more such as hair to my person, and changed a few original ideas. When I first designed it I wanted the left side to be human but after realising that there were no good shades of colour for the skin (when I tested the colours, it seemed a bit too off) so I decided on making the left side green because it’s a colour represents nature and peace.

I also got inspiration from Moana when Maui returns Tafiti’s heart and she returns to a lush green and flowery figure from her destructive persona. This piece will influence my future artworks because now I have experience from the process of making this artwork. The process has taught me to be patient and not rush my work otherwise it won’t end up the way I would want it to be.