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My artwork, ‘Banjo’, is about my Blue Heeler Dog, Banjo. I have combined photos and drawings of Banjo, plants and objects that remind me of Banjo, combing Fauna and Fauna in my artwork. I chose a palm tree as Banjo loves to chew the dead palm fronds that fall off them. Banjo also loves the rain and trying to eat it out of the sky, hence the raincloud. I added in a bit of pink to one side of the cloud to show colour blending skills and hinting towards a sunset, which my family watches together every night.

I feel a connection to nature and I have an appreciation to it as it gives me joy and peace in an often busy life full of school assessments and sports. I enjoy walking Banjo with my Dad some mornings before school, and some afternoons after school to give my brain a bit of a break and observe the different fauna in different suburbs of Palmerston. I also find Banjos curiosity intriguing and how he love to stop and roll around in bushes and chase lizards.

I found Picasso’s collages very intricate and very unpredictable, however there is still a story behind every artwork. I wanted to apply some of these symbolic features to my artwork such as a palm tree, showing a tropical, laid back lifestyle, however to Banjo it shows excitement and a fun game with his family. I also has heard of the artist Patto, who likes to combine bold colours to create movement with the animals expressions in a semi-realistic style. I found this an amazing concept in my journal work, however I felt more comfortable using watercolours.

My final composition includes idea development and attentiveness to the world. I considered scale so that everything matches well, colour and shape of my drawings so that they look semi-realistic similar to Patto’s style. I feel that I have well balanced the world of flora and fauna in my artwork and hope that any viewer can see this too. I hope my artwork can help viewers to see nature with more happiness and curiosity like Banjo does.