What is VET

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training, and gives students skills for work, particularly in industry. Students are encouraged to complete VET qualifications while completing the NTCET.

To complete the NTCET, students must achieve 200 NTCET credits, 190 of which can be gained through VET. Within these, students must also satisfy the literacy and numeracy requirements of the NTCET. The remaining 10 credits are gained from the Personal Learning Plan (10 credits). At Good Shepherd Lutheran College this is generally offered through the Career Acceleration Pathway.

How many credits do VET courses provide?

Students can earn 5 NTCET credits for successfully completing 35 hours of VET, and 10 NTCET credits for 70 hours. The SACE Board will decide whether the NTCET credits earned for a particular VET qualification will be recognised at Stage 1 or Stage 2.

Career Acceleration Pathway (CAP)

Entry to this program is by application and interview. It is open to students who have made the decision to follow a vocational pathway and who show the maturity and ability to cope with the demands of the program. By the time students enter Stage 2, it is an expectation that they will be enrolled in a Certificate III, Vocational Education and Training course and, if applicable, that they will have secured a School-based Apprenticeship. Typically, a student will spend two days in a workplace, one day at a VET course and two days at school completing subjects towards their NTCET. Some students also undertake Trade School which occurs in one or two week blocks.

On the days at school, students complete three subjects, English Essentials, General Mathematics (or Essential Mathematics) and Workplace Practices. On graduation from the College, Career Acceleration Pathway students exit with a complete NTCET and fully or partially completed VET qualifications. Those students who have completed a Certificate III are eligible to receive an ATAR for university entrance.

For more information, please contact the College's VET Liaison Officer or Careers Practitioner on:  8983 0300