Good Shepherd’s Technology program is designed to develop and foster creative thinking through investigating, designing, planning, creating and evaluating products in a range of materials. 

This helps students to adapt to new experiences, approach problems with the appropriate skills and techniques and develop creative and innovative solutions.

Design & Technology

Students transform a vast array of raw materials and ideas using state-of-the-art computer software, machines and tools through woodwork, metalwork and electronics. 

Their skills are greatly expanded in the areas of; materials awareness, problem solving and tool use. Through practical activities students develop problem solving techniques, teamwork and co-operative skills.

Facilities are modern and inviting, and these subjects are greatly sought after by students in the elective program. 

Food Technology

Students enjoy catering and preparing healthy food in the school’s modern kitchen. They learn about safe ways to prepare meals with a focus on culture cooking from all over the globe.

The course encourages students to think about endless opportunities for designing, planning and creating unique meals inspired by a variety of cultural groups.