Food & Hospitality - 1FOH & 2FOH

In Food and Hospitality students develop an understanding of contemporary approaches and issues related to food and hospitality. They work independently and collaboratively to achieve common goals. Students develop skills and safe work practices in the preparation, storage and handling of food, complying with current health and safety legislation. They investigate and debate contemporary food and hospitality issues and current management practices.

Students study topics within one or more of the following five areas of study:

  • Contemporary and Future Issues
  • Economic and Environmental Influences
  • Political and Legal Influences
  • Sociocultural Influences
  • Technological Influences.

A 20-credit subject includes all five areas of study.

Physical Education - 1PHE & 2PHE

Students gain an understanding of human functioning and physical activity, and an awareness of the community structures and practices that influence participation in physical activity. They explore their own physical capacities and analyse performance, health, and lifestyle issues. Students develop skills in communication, investigation, and the ability to apply knowledge to practical situations.

Stage 2 Physical Education consists of two key areas of study and related key concepts:

  • Practical Skills and Applications
  • Principles and Issues

1. Practical Skills and Applications

Students complete three practicals that are balanced across a range of individual, fitness, team, racket, aquatic, and outdoor activities and that cater for the different skills, interests of the students.

2. Principles and Issues (consists of the following three topics):

  • Exercise Physiology and Physical Activity
  • The Acquisition of Skills and the Biomechanics of Movement
  • Issues Analysis