Fundamental to a Lutheran and International Baccalaureate education is service learning and action. Christian service is a response of the Heart, Head and Hands to the love, forgiveness and mercy of God in Christ. It is motivated by a sense of care and responsibility for all creation. Learners at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, can demonstrate their personal commitment to service as a way of showing faith in action. Responsible action at Good Shepherd Lutheran College is centred on the gospel message and example of Christ. Service and Action are viewed as integral parts of the learning experiences that MYP students will engage in continuously throughout the course of the Middle Years Programme. 

Through a strong values program and by serving within different communities (local, national and global), we believe students will develop attitudes and values that focus on the rights and responsibilities of people. Through the Service Learning program at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, all learners will:

  • Identify personal strengths and potential areas for service
  • Better appreciate their rights and responsibilities within and beyond the classroom
  • Increase their awareness of the world and community
  • Increase their sense of responsibility and commitment to the community
  • Foster and encourage a desire to serve
  • Gain an insight into different ways of life
  • Collaborate and work with others
  • Develop their awareness of the links between community service and subject areas
  • Gain an appreciation of the positive effects of a compassionate attitude
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of sacrificial service and different types of service

Service may include ‘one-off’ projects, engagement with the broader community as a result of classroom inquiry, or it could involve a long term commitment. This will depend on the level of service undertaken by the learner; however, all students at Good Shepherd Lutheran College are expected to undertake and reflect upon service activities once per year. All teachers will be responsible for supporting learners as they plan for and reflect on their service engagements. They will be supported by the Year Level Coordinators, House Coordinators and others who will take a lead role in developing the College service programs.