Learning Enrichment

At Good Shepherd Lutheran College we strive to recognise strengths and abilities in line with our Lutheran mission and the International Baccalaureate Program that operates within our school.

Our teachers are passionate about identifying and nurturing ability at all levels. As such, we provide a range of opportunites for students of high intellectual potential, to extend and enrich their learning. Through the Learner Profiles we recognise that our students have gifts in a variety of areas. The IB programme also allows for students to extend their learning as enquirers who can develop their own project based learning.

Using General exploratory activities (Tuning in); Group Training Activities (Approaches to Learning) and Individual and Small Group investigations of real world problems (Personal Projects –Year 5, Year 8 and Year 10) we provide a structure to encourage ‘flourishing learning’ and a culture of creativity. Learning Area Coordinators and teachers encourage students to set personal goals and establish high expectations for their learning.

At Good Shepherd, we enjoy challenging and encouraging our students to explore their strengths in learning outside of the classroom. As such the following list is provided as a sample of extension activities that are run across the year:

  • Tournament of Minds
  • World Scholar’s Cup
  • Maths Camp
  • Palmerston Writer’s Festival
  • Book Feast
  • Territory Young Author Awards
  • Robocup and Robotics
  • MS Readathon
  • Crystal Growing Competition
  • Arts

The Learning Enrichment Team at Good Shepherd Lutheran College invites you to visit for a chat about the needs of your child. Our team during a school year may be working at any one time with a variety of students in the school. Learning Enrichment is defined at our College as the provision of support to access the day to day life of our school and the world beyond as our students endeavour to become ‘life-long learners”.

The Learning Enrichment Team assists students to access the curriculum and socially inclusive environments through our Learning Support Program. We support teachers as they work to provide Universally Designed Programs for learning, which can support students with learning difficulties, social needs and high intellectual potential to find an entry point into a subject area. Acceleration of subject areas or year levels can be explored as a way of providing extension for gifted students. Project based learning encouraged by the structures and philosophies of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years and Middle Years Programmes also provides extension and enrichment in meeting the needs of many of our students.


The aim of our Learning Enrichment Program is to foster and develop an inclusive learning environment in which all students, no matter their learning needs, are able to experience success and achieve their individual potential within the College community.

This service is designed so that all students are enabled to:

  • participate fully in the College community
  • acquire the basic personal, social, literacy and numeracy skills needed for life
  • develop in a supportive Christian environment in which they can enhance their individual talents
  • experience success
  • develop a positive self-image and self-esteem
  • monitor their own learning and become independent learners


Our team compiles information from parents, teachers and Learning Enrichment Staff to identify students who may qualify for the assistance of the Learning Enrichment Teacher or a Lutheran Support Officer (LSO). Psychologists and other support professionals may also be consulted. Parental consent is obtained prior to such consultations. Students needing additional support for their learning are referred by parents, teachers, LSO’s and through self-referral. We also identify support needs by using whole-school standardised screening tests administered in Term 1 of each year.


There are a number of other support structures within our College providing emotional, social and academic support. The Learning Enrichment Team will often work in with the pastoral care services provided in our College structure. It is helpful for parents and students to explore the many ways that they can be supported as they negotiate their educational journey. 

Marie Robertson
Learning Enrichment Coordinator