2022 College Fees
Year Level  Fee
Lower Primary Transition - Year 3 $3,265
Upper Primary Year 4 - Year 5 $3,420
Middle School Year 6 $4,360
Middle School Year 7 $5,030
Middle School Year 8 $6,460
Middle School Year 9 $6,460
Senior School Year 10 $6,460
Senior School Years 11 - 12 $6,565

*The above fee schedule does not include levies at some year levels. Please refer to the College Fees Form below for more information.

2022 College Fees Form

Early Learning Centre Fees

Early Learning Centre Fees 2022

PaySmart - College Fees, Direct Debit Payment System

*To assist parents with school fee affordability, please note that fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly using the College's Direct Debit Payment System (Paysmart).

The 'Paysmart Online Link' below will calculate the weekly / fortnightly cost for student fees, depending on the option selected; helping you find the best option for your family.

PaySmart Online Link

Temporary Fee Assistance

Good Shepherd Lutheran College attempts to keep fees affordable and consistent with other non-government schools in Darwin. However, it is recognised that some parents may find it difficult to meet the cost of sending their children to the College. Parents who feel the fees are beyond their means may qualify for Temporary Fee Assistance. Parents are encouraged to contact the College before contemplating withdrawal from school.

Temporary Fee Assistance Form