College Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024

This Strategic Plan is our vision for our community; a community of creative, collaborative and global learners.

The following pages express our commitment to the growth of all within our College community - students, staff and parents, as together we endeavour for lifelong learning with a passion to
support each other and the community in which we belong.

The plan is the culmination of a year of discussion with parents, students and staff at the College, which included both a student and a staff/parent Appreciative Inquiry summit.

It builds upon the previous Strategic Plan of the College and extends into innovative educational directions. The emphasis is on being a positive organisation with a focus on service and
advocacy. These align with the message of the Gospel that guides the College.

The Plan is supported by measurable outcomes and indicators of success, and it is intended to be a living document, guiding both the strategic and operational decision making at the
College. This will ensure that the College continues to provide the best for all within the Good Shepherd community.

I would like to thank all who have shaped this Plan, for their contributions, energy and boldness in creating a collective vision for the College.

Rachel Boyce

College Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024